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Lakeview is one of Illinois’ most busy and bustling areas. With around 100,000 energetic and enthusiastic faces crowding its streets on a daily basis, Lakeview is easily one of the Chicago area’s most lively hot spots, if not the most. On the neighborhood’s surface, a staggering number of amazing shops, salons and dining options make Lakeview an enticing area for all five senses.porcelain veneers

However, as beautiful and entertaining as these opportunities are, perhaps the greatest reason to live in the Lakeview area is for the love of everything baseball. Wrigley Field, home of the great Chicago Cubs, is the talk of the town. Every corner of Lakeview is permeated with America’s most genuine and authentic baseball lovers who live, breathe and consume everything baseball.

With such constant intense elated devotion, Lakeview is also home to thousands of ever-present smiles — and we here at Chicago Smile Spa wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why Choose Our Lakeview Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Gerilyn Alfe is a smile expert who tirelessly works everyday to ensure that the people of Lakeview walk around with nothing short of the best smiles possible. Her strong and extensive background in cosmetic dentistry practices such as teeth whitening, veneer positioning and dental bonding can and will make your mouth shine. Dr. Alfe is also very familiar with general dentistry practices. Dental cleanings, laser gum treatments, cancer screenings are just a few things that Dr. Alfe does best.

Hundreds of Lakeview citizens have come to Chicago Smile Spa for tooth alignment correctional services — and so should you. Dr. Alfe’s skill in orthopedics allow her to outfit her patients with only the most effective solutions. Whether it’s Invisalign® or Six Month Smiles®, all of us at Chicago Smile Spa are confident that we can quickly and conveniently get your mouth where you want it to be.

Specialized General & Cosmetic Dentistry

To add to Dr. Alfe’s list of dentistry proficiency, she is familiar with neuromuscular dentistry and has treated countless patients with TMJ (or TMD) jaw pains. In addition to this, she knows how to remedy the frustrations that come with having sleep interrupted by sleep apnea.

Regardless of what oral health or cosmetic issue you have, Chicago Smile Spa’s Dr. Gerilyn Alfe is honored to serve the Lakeview area with dental services that is sure to make your smile a home-run.

Contact Chicago Smile Spa  by phone at (773) 348-2704 or drop by our office at 2704 North Halsted Street, Chicago, IL so we can help you improve the quality of your smile.

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