Porcelain Crowns and Dental Bridges in Chicago

Serving Chicago, Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and surrounding areas in Illinois

If you live in the Chicago, Lincoln Park, Lakeview or surrounding area and have teeth with large, black amalgam (mercury) fillings that are cracking or breaking, or you already have old porcelain/metal crowns on some teeth, repair of those teeth with all porcelain restorations (porcelain crowns and porcelain dental bridges) often improves not only the appearance of the teeth, but the strength as well. The cements

Before and After Chicago Porcelain Crowns & Dental Bridge

and bonding materials that our dentist in Chicago uses are the strongest available and help restore your tooth back to its original strength. To learn more about same day porcelain dental crowns for Chicago area patients, visit our E4D one-visit crowns page.

All Porcelain Dental Bridge in Chicago

For areas where esthetics are extremely important and the bite forces are minimal, an all porcelain bridge can be the best choice to replace a missing tooth.


Porcelain Crowns in Chicago

Metal Based Crowns and Dental Bridges

Sometimes this is still the best choice. All of Dr. Alfe’s lab work is done here in the United States by labs that follow the strictest FDA guidelines for safety. We provide certification of the type of metal that is used for your crowns. No lead is ever used in the metal fabrication of our crowns and bridges.

Porcelain Crowns - Before and After - Chicago Dentist

Porcelain Dental Implant Crowns

Chicago area dentist, Dr. Alfe can provide the final crown to restore your dental implant. If you need an original dental implant placed, our office would be happy to refer you to a specialist here in Chicago who works with Dr. Alfe especially for implant restorations.

Gold Crowns, Onlays and Inlays

For those areas where porcelain is not the best option (this can sometimes be the case far back in the mouth) or for patients who want a gold restoration, Dr. Alfe can provide these as well.

Zirconium Based or eMax porcelain Crowns and Dental Bridge

If a stronger framework is needed and Dr. Alfe decides that using metal as a framework is not an option for you, she may prescribe a Zirconium/Porcelain or eMax porcelain Crown or Bridge. They have the same strength as a Porcelain/Metal crown or bridge with better aesthetics in certain cases.

To learn more about porcelain crown and dental bridge options in Chicago or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gerilyn Alfe, please contact us or call (773) 348-2704today. Dr. Alfe is proud to serve patients throughout the greater Chicagoland area including Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and surrounding Chicago communities.

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