Technology Could Help TMJ/TMD Patients

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Nearly half of American adults suffer from some level of TMJ/TMD discomfort and unfortunately these symptoms are difficult to diagnose and treat. Temporomandibular joint disorder symptoms can include headaches, jaw aches, lock jaw, clicking, popping or grinding. In severe cases, some patients may even crack their molars in half from the unknown grinding and clenching!

Diagnosis Tool

Fortunately there’s a way to help people get some closure regarding their TMD symptoms.  Specialized equipment, the joint vibration analysis (JVA), can help both dentists and their patients more accurately determine the cause of their symptoms. The JVA quick test tool — which is completely pain free and non-invasive — looks similar to a pair of headphones straight out of the 1990’s and are placed over the patient’s ears. The sensors use vibration technology.  The test only takes a few minutes.  After analyzing the date, your dentist will have an accurate idea of what’s causing the pain.

The goal to solving TMJ/TMD problems is to make sure all the muscles, joints and bones are working together. Without all the parts working in unison, tension and pain results, and eventually other cosmetic dental problems can come into the picture if the issue isn’t addressed in a timely manner.

TMJ/TMD Treatment Options

It’s important to note that this JVA tool only exists to diagnose the cause of the TMJ/TMD — it’s up to cosmetic dentists to come up with a solution, and each case will be different. Luckily for greater Chicagoland residents, Dr. Alfe at Chicago Smile Spa has a variety of different solutions for this common dental problem, including:

If you’ve been experiencing any of the above symptoms and are ready to find some relief, contact our Chicago cosmetic dentist office today to talk with Dr. Alfe about treatment options.

Dental Bonding: An Effective Cavity Solution

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Sometimes cavities are just unavoidable, even if you stick to a routine brushing and flossing routine. Some people have crowded teeth, recessed gums or deep crevasses that are food particle magnets that eventually lead to cavities.

Older adults may recall that having a cavity filled was a hellish experience that resulted in an unsightly metal filling or crown. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry has made great strides in the past 20 years or so — and now with the option for bonded tooth colored fillings, Dr. Alfe’s patients can worry less about the appearance of their smile.

Our Chicago Dental Bonding Services

Our Chicago cosmetic dental office is here to provide dental bonding services as a solution to cavities. Dr. Alfe has treated dozens of patients with replacement cosmetic dental services because she understands that metal fillings just aren’t the best option these days. By opting for tooth colored fillings, Dr. Alfe can match the bonding agent to the color of your existing tooth to ensure a seamless appearance.

Bonded tooth colored fillings are especially important for those who need small cavities filled on their front teeth. Our conservative dental practice focuses on saving as much of the tooth as possible.

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Chicago Smile Spa: Boystown’s Go-To Cosmetic Dental Office

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Wondering why all the residents in Boystown are always smiling? Aside from the reason that they live in one of the most culturally diverse areas in the city, it’s most likely because they’re just showing off their gorgeous smiles after visiting Dr. Alfe’s Chicago Smile Spa cosmetic dental office. Our office, located on North Halsted between Lincoln Park and Lakeview, is what many Boystown residents boast to be their neighborhood cosmetic and general dentist.

Our dental services for Boystown residents

Dr. Alfe’s patients from this area are always conscious about the upkeep of their oral health and the overall appearance of their smile. They understand that a healthy, functional smile now means less problems down the road, which is why we provide general dentistry services such as preventative services, routine teeth cleaning, laser gum treatments and more.

In Boystown, the nightlife is some of the best in the greater Chicagoland area. The neighborhood features clubs, bars theaters, restaurants, local shops and even wine boutiques. Sampling the local eateries means that you’re constantly bombarding your teeth with food and drink that can eventually lead to staining, cavities and tooth decay. Dr. Alfe is here to improve the look and function of your teeth with the following cosmetic dentistry services:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Smile Makeovers
  • Dental Bonding
  • Six Month Smiles

We believe in making sure our Boystown patients are not only proud of their cultural background, but also proud of their healthy smile! Contact Chicago Smile Spa today to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Alfe about your dentistry needs.

Benefits of Adult Cosmetic Dentistry in Lakeview Chicago

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Located on the border of the Lincoln Park and Lakeview areas of Chicago’s metropolitan area, Chicago Smile Spa has become one of Lakeview’s best cosmetic dentistry destinations for mature adults who are looking for full mouth rehab work.

Many residents in the Lakeview area have already undergone some form of cosmetic dentistry earlier in their lives. However, technology changes and time never seems to be on our side. As a result, some of these dentistry solutions may become detached, chipped or discolored. Dr. Alfe has even seen previous dental work that’s been installed incorrectly and the patient has been living with it for years!

Adult Cosmetic Dental Options for Lakeview Residents

Replacing worn and outdated cosmetic dental parts can be a huge undertaking for older adults living in the Lakeview area, but we’re determined to give you a beautiful smile you’re guaranteed to get compliments on. At our cosmetic dental office, we provide qualified patients with full mouth rehab services. This procedure can include Invisalign or Six Month Smiles to initially straighten your teeth, porcelain veneers or dental bonding to fix chips or cracks, and teeth whitening to complete the finished look.

Dr. Alfe’s Lakeview cosmetic dental office prides itself in providing patients with conservative dentistry practices. However, conservative dentistry doesn’t mean that the entire process takes years. In fact, full mouth rehabs can take six months or less! Other cosmetic dentistry solutions may even take as few as two or three appointments. This is great news for all Lakeview residents who are looking to make the quick walk over to Wrigley Field, spend a night out in Boystown, or take a stroll along the lake without having downtime from a cosmetic dental procedure.

Contact our Lakeview cosmetic dentist today for a free initial consultation with Dr. Alfe!

Can You Naturally Repair a Cavity?

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Let’s say you’ve gone to the dentist and your dentist has mentioned to you that they’ve noticed the beginning of a cavity. “Is it bad? Do I need to get this fixed now?” you ask. Depending on the stage that the cavity is in, your dentist will either say yes or no.

For those who have just a small cavity forming (we call that incipient decay), your dentist may tell you to wait about six months to see what happens. This is your queue to be extra diligent with your oral hygiene. Your dentist will most likely recommend preventative dentistry methods, such as an enamel building toothpaste and accompanying enamel strengthening mouthwash — both with Fluoride as the active ingredient. Fluoride is a mineral that prevents tooth decay from getting worse, and using products with this mineral included, along with regular brushing and flossing routines as well as reducing sugar intake can sometimes reverse these early stage cavities.

Keep in mind, however, that this reversal process is slow and arduous and often does not work for some patients even with improved dental hygiene. Fully developed cavities are a permanent damage and must be fixed by a dentist or cosmetic dentist.

Oftentimes if cavities aren’t filled in a timely manner by a professional dentist, the end result can be extensive tooth decay. Patients with tooth decay are often told that they will need the tooth in question removed, and a new synthetic tooth, called a dental implant, will be placed in its stead. At Chicago Smile Spa, Dr. Alfe provides full mouth reconstruction for those whose teeth are affected by tooth decay. Our cosmetic dental office focuses on conservative dentistry, which means Dr. Alfe will do everything she can to save your existing teeth. The first step to a health, beautiful smile is to repair the damage that’s been done, then improve the look and function of the teeth using cosmetic dentistry techniques such as porcelain veneers, crowns, and bridges.

If your family dentist has told you to seek the opinion of a local cosmetic dentist for options regarding how to save and improve your smile, contact Chicago Smile Spa today for a free initial consultation.