Opt For Teeth Whitening in Chicago for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and for many people, this is the one holiday out of the year that the majority of friends and family members get together to reconnect. While you may be troubled about what to wear, keep in mind that your smile shouldn’t be left out of the equation. For those who are looking for a quick yet effective improvement to their smile, our cosmetic dentist recommends teeth whitening.

Simplicity of Teeth Whitening

Forget the at-home whitening systems that can take days to even weeks to see results. Instead, opt for in-house teeth whitening in order to see results after just one 30 minute appointment. In-house teeth whitening is a non-invasive procedure conducted here at our Chicago dentist office at 2704 North Halsted Street in the Lincoln Park area. The in-house teeth whitening method is so simple, it only takes a few steps to get the dazzling, bright smile you’ve always wanted — all in time for Thanksgiving:

  1. Fill out our quick online form to schedule an appointment or give us a call at (773) 348-2704.
  2. On the day of your appointment, we will discuss during your free consultation your ideal shade of white for your smile.
  3. Next, you will be asked to recline and relax as our in-house GLO Whitening System — the latest teeth whitening technology — gets to work on whitening your smile in just 32 minutes. The whitening treatment is pain free and in some instances may be more affordable than having to continually purchase over-the-counter whitening strips.
  4. Finally, you can admire your smile!

Keep in mind that depending on your ideal shade of white, our cosmetic dental office may recommend scheduling another in-house whitening treatment to achieve the results you want. We recommend scheduling an appointment sooner rather than later so you have time to get the desired results before your family and friends roll into Chicago for the long holiday weekend! Contact our Chicago cosmetic dentist office today at (773) 348-2704.

The Best Candidates for Porcelain Crowns in Chicago

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When it comes to cosmetic dentistry in Chicago, everyone’s treatment and procedure process is different. The goal is to improve the look and function of your smile in the most conservative yet effective way as possible. One of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Chicago is porcelain crowns and onlays.

What are porcelain crowns and onlays?

A porcelain crown or onlay is a thin piece of porcelain that encases your existing tooth. Your cosmetic dentist in Chicago will preserve as much of the existing tooth as possible before placing the crown or onlay on the tooth so that the look is as natural as possible. What’s great about porcelain as opposed to metal or porcelain-metal is that they look more like a natural tooth. Your cosmetic dentist will match the porcelain’s color to the color of your neighboring teeth to ensure a seamless transition in your smile.

Best candidates for porcelain crowns and onlays

Want to improve your smile, fill gaps, chips or cracks in your existing teeth? Porcelain crowns and onlays may be a better option for you than porcelain-metal crowns and onlays. Other candidates for porcelain crowns and onlays include:

  • Those who dislike the appearance of metal crowns
  • Those with sensitive and/or receding gums
  • Want a more natural look in a more conservative manner
  • Have allergies to certain metals used in the making of metal crowns

Don’t settle for your existing metal crowns. Instead contact our Chicago cosmetic dentist at dentalmasterslp@gmail.com or schedule an appointment.

How Does Invisalign Treatment Work?

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If you’re self-conscious about your smile and are looking to improve it in a conservative and discreet manner, then Invisalign is your best option. Invisalign works to correct crowding, gaps, overbites and underbites in as little as 12 months. This conservative dentistry approach is ideal for adults who aren’t looking to have traditional wire and bracket braces because of the unsightly appearance.

How The Process Works

You probably have a general understanding of how wire and bracket braces work, but may not know the inner workings of Invisalign. The concept is to make minute adjustments to your bite using slightly different molds of the clear plastic trays over the course of your customized treatment plan. These thin clear plastic trays have the ability to move your teeth horizontally, vertically and even rotate them if need be. They are designed to produce the perfect amount of force to move your teeth in an effective yet more gentle manner than traditional braces.

Living With Invisalign

Once you’ve started your treatment process, you will need to wear your Invisalign for 20-22 hours a day. It’s important that you remove the clear plastic trays whenever you’re eating, brushing or flossing your teeth. When it comes to cleaning the trays, simply rinse with warm water. When worn properly, you will be able to notice a difference in your smile after just the first few weeks! No more jagged wires sticking into the sides of your cheek and no more having to see your orthodontist on a regular basis for a new wire — Invisalign provides stunning and noticeable results in less time. Contact your cosmetic dentist in Chicago today for a free consultation!

What Causes Gum Disease?

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Aside from cavities, gum disease is the most common dental issue, affecting an estimated 80% of American adults at some point in their lives. Also known as gingivitis, if gum disease isn’t detected and treated in a timely manner, then a patient could end up developing periodontal disease which eventually causes additional oral health issues such as tooth loss. Although gum disease is treatable, it is better to be informed about what causes it in the first place so as to avoid developing the issue entirely.

Common Causes of Gum Disease

  • Lifestyle. Drinking alcohol, smoking, or chewing tobacco are all causes of gum disease. Alcohol inhibits your body’s ability to kill off plaque and other bacteria that cause gum disease, while tobacco products are essentially poisonous to healthy gum tissue.
  • Diet. Low water intake, a diet high in carbohydrates and sugar all attribute to the development of gingivitis. Eating fibrous fruits and vegetables can help clear away plaque from the surface of teeth while drinking water consistently throughout the day flushes away bad bacteria.
  • Infrequent Dental Cleanings. This is a major culprit! Since gum disease rarely shows signs and symptoms, most individuals don’t realize they have it. Seeing your dentist on a regular basis is important to improving and maintaining your oral health.
  • Genetics. Sometimes luck just isn’t on our side when it comes to oral health (though that doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause!). If you are prone to dry mouth symptoms and poor saliva production, stress, mouth breathing or diabetes mellitus then you may be at risk for developing gum disease more easily than those without these predispositions.
  • Poor Bite. Those with a misaligned bite, crooked, or crowded teeth may develop gingivitis. The reason is due to the increased hiding places for plaque and bacteria to build up throughout the day. It is generally recommended to brush after each meal and floss at least once a day to remove any remaining food particles from between the crowded spaces. Luckily common cosmetic dentistry procedures can fix a misaligned bite and reduce the chances of gum disease.

If you are experiencing pain while brushing your teeth, notice that your gums are bleeding after brushing or flossing, or can see that your gums are inflamed, then it’s important to book an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible to determine whether or not these symptoms are related to gum disease.

Dr. Alfe To Retire From Clinical Dentistry After 25 Years

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Dear friends and valued patients,

After almost 25 years, I have decided to retire from clinical dentistry.  It is with a heavy heart that I made this life decision.  As many of you know, my mom passed away suddenly over the summer.  With my father and remaining family in Boston, I wanted and needed more flexibility to spend as much time with them as possible.  Therefore, at the end of December 2017, I will no longer be practicing clinical dentistry at Chicago Smile Spa.  

I was lucky to find a wonderful, customer service oriented group to continue the high quality care that I have given each of you over the past 13 years.  I will still be at the office through the end of the year to help with the transition.  I will complete any ongoing treatment for my patients until you are finished, even if it carries into next year.  

For those of you who need treatment, I am excited to introduce you to my successor, Dr. Mira Egbaria.  Dr. Egbaria graduated from the University of Michigan and completed a prestigious General Practice Residency at Northwestern University in Chicago.  Dr. Egbaria is a wonderful person and will treat you with the same compassion and high quality care you are accustomed to at Chicago Smile Spa.   I have always considered myself fortunate to have such wonderful patients.  I’ve loved taking care of each and every one of you.  I know Dr. Egbaria will continue that type of loving care.  Please help me welcome her to the practice.  

If you have any questions about your upcoming appointments or outstanding treatment, feel free to email us or call the office 773-348-2704.  I will be available at certain times throughout the day to email or chat with any of you.  I wish you and your families the best that life has to offer.  


Dr. Gerilyn Alfe


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