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Even with a consistent and thorough dental cleaning routine, it is not always possible to avoid cavities. In the past, dentists have used metal amalgam fillings to help prevent future decay. Many Chicago area dentists still offer this option. However, metal fillings are not only unsightly, but can do serious damage to your teeth.

Dr. Gerilyn Alfe, our dental expert in Chicago, is pleased to offer for the sealing of cavities. These tooth-colored dental bondings fit seamlessly into your smile and provide a significantly better solution than their metal alternatives.

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Benefits of Bonded Tooth Colored Fillings

Bonded are much more attractive than metal fillings, but this is far from their only benefit. To fully understand the benefits offered by , you must first understand some things about their metal counterparts.

Metal fillings are packed into a cavity which requires a large amount of your natural tooth be removed to accommodate the filling. Unfortunately, removing healthy tooth enamel to pack a filling compromises the structure of your teeth. In addition, the amalgam used in metal fillings expands and contracts with heat fluctuations in your mouth and, because they are packed into the tooth, this can allow them to become loose, fall out, or crack the tooth internally.

As the name implies, are bonded to your tooth. Because the composite resin used for these fillings is placed on top of a cavity, very little tooth enamel needs to be removed for their placement. Better still, dental bonding is  immune to heat fluctuations in your mouth which allows them to provide continuous protection even years after their initial placement.

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