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Botox Chicago, Lincoln Park, LakeviewContrary to popular opinion, Botox® does not work by paralyzing the muscle. Botox® works to relax muscles by preventing the production of a protein that causes the muscles to contract. This is why it’s common not to see results of Botox® injections until 1-2 weeks after the injection.

How Does Botox Work?

The residual protein is dissipating over that time and no new protein will be fabricated, usually for a duration of about 3 months. Because of the fact that Botox® disappears over time, it is a safe procedure, as it’s not stored in the body for more than 3 months.

Botox for Migraine Treatment

In 2010, Botox® was approved by the FDA in the treatment of migraines. Because many migraines are caused by over-active and spastic muscles causing tooth clenching and grinding, when these muscles are relaxed, the pain disappears. This treatment takes about 10-15 minutes and it can provide relief for 3-4 months, depending on the patient.

Since Botox® does dissipate over time, repeated injections are necessary, but studies have shown that with repeated treatment, patients enjoy fewer occurrences and decreased severity of their symptoms. Dr. Alfe has received advanced training in Botox® injections for migraine relief, and often will combine this with other treatment choices.

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