How Can Viroxyn Combat Cold Sores?

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The weather in the Greater Chicagoland area has been particularly harsh this winter. With such dry, windy conditions, many patients have suffered cold sore outbreaks. If you’re suffering from cold sores, Chicago dentist Dr. Gerilyn Alfe can help you find relief from discomfort with a new treatment option: Viroxyn.

Cold sores are blisters created by the recurrence of a highly contagious virus within the body, with sores commonly forming on the lips and around the mouth. Viroxyn is a single-dose topical medication that aggressively treats cold sores while killing the discomfort the blisters can cause.

Benefits of Viroxyn include:

  • Shortening cold sore lifespan to just three days, as opposed to the usual 10 to 14 days
  • Numbs pain from cold sores, with permanent pain relief occurring within an hour of treatment
  • The single-use brush applicator makes it possible to apply the medicine directly to the sore without touching it, preventing the risk of spreading the virus

Viroxyn is only available for purchase at specially selected dentist offices. Dr. Alfe’s Chicago Smile Spa is one of only two dental practices in the city to carry this unique treatment. By visiting Chicago Smile Spa, you can purchase one or several (so you always have one on hand) vials of Viroxyn Professional Use to increase healing time and reduce pain caused by cold sores.

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