Dental Bonding: An Effective Cavity Solution

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Sometimes cavities are just unavoidable, even if you stick to a routine brushing and flossing routine. Some people have crowded teeth, recessed gums or deep crevasses that are food particle magnets that eventually lead to cavities.

Older adults may recall that having a cavity filled was a hellish experience that resulted in an unsightly metal filling or crown. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry has made great strides in the past 20 years or so — and now with the option for bonded tooth colored fillings, Dr. Alfe’s patients can worry less about the appearance of their smile.

Our Chicago Dental Bonding Services

Our Chicago cosmetic dental office is here to provide dental bonding services as a solution to cavities. Dr. Alfe has treated dozens of patients with replacement cosmetic dental services because she understands that metal fillings just aren’t the best option these days. By opting for tooth colored fillings, Dr. Alfe can match the bonding agent to the color of your existing tooth to ensure a seamless appearance.

Bonded tooth colored fillings are especially important for those who need small cavities filled on their front teeth. Our conservative dental practice focuses on saving as much of the tooth as possible.

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