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MI Paste™

MI PasteMI Paste is the only dental paste that not only retards cavity formation, it will REVERSE and HEAL cavity growth in certain areas! This means that many teeth that would have definitely needed fillings may not need to be filled if MI Paste is prescribed early enough once a cavity is diagnosed.
MI Paste must be prescribed by Dr. Alfe for a patient of record.  Contact our Chicago dentist for pricing and to inquire about this product.


Prescription strength, at-home fluoride treatment that strengthens teeth, helps reduce tooth sensitivity to cold and sweets, and retards tartar (calculus) buildup, meaning that your teeth and gums stay healthier and more comfortable in between your professional cleanings!

CloSYS® Intro Pack: 3.5oz. paste, 16 oz rinse, spray and Oolitt® Tongue Scraper

intro packproduct price: $35

CloSYS® II Paste

closys pasteproduct price: (7oz.): $15

CloSYS® II Rinse

Closys rinseproduct price: (32oz.): $18

CloSYS® II spray

cloSYS sprayproduct price: $8

GC Dry Mouth Care

GC Dry Mouth Gel

Oolitt® Tongue Scraper

OOLITTproduct price: $6

PerioProtect® Gel

Perio Gel must be prescribed by Dr. Alfe for a patient of record. Contact Chicago Smile Spa for pricing and to inquire about this product.

Sonicare Flex Care+

sonicare flexcareproduct price: $110

Sonicare Flex Care+ offers six advanced features a more thorough clean that will help you experience improved oral health. Flex Care+ features include:

-ProResults Brush Heads
-Illuminated Display
-Gum Care Mode
-Brush Head Sanitizer

Chic-Flic Whitening Pen

product price: $25 each, or buy 3 = get 1 free
Chic-Flic toGO WhiteniChicFlic ToGO whitening penng Pen is the perfect travel-sized solution for white teeth on the go. Designed to remove coffee and red wine stains without causing sensitivity. Apply the patented lip plumper to achieve a beautiful smile anywhere, anytime.

ToGo Whitening Pen

whiter image pen

product price: $25 each, or buy 3 = get 1 free

Whiter Image™ At-Home Bleaching Kit

whiter image kitproduct price: $250

This is a high-quality teeth whitening solution to be used in the convenience of your home.
– Features the Whiter Image mouthpiece consisting of a soft, silicone material, which makes it easy to create immediate custom impressions
– Designed for optimum patient comfort due its special vent, which allows for easy breathing
– Included in the kit is a storage case that is convenient for patient use
– Offers four syringes of advanced 3 ml whitening solution, which constitutes 15-17 applications of teeth whitening for patient use
– Utilizes the proprietary Whiter Image hybrid formula, which contains a 12% hydrogen peroxide base for effective teeth whitening
– Minimizes sensitivity and maximizes stability due to the carbamide peroxide that is added to the formula

NiteWhite® At-Home Bleaching Kit

All product prices are in addition to $10 shipping and handling charge/order within the US.

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