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Chicago area cosmetic dentist, Dr. Alfe, always says that cutting edge dental technology is great, but just like the best, newest computer, if you don’t know how to use it, what good is it? Make sure that your dentist is staying up-to-date on the latest dental technology, and that your dental team is highly trained and skilled in all of their uses.

    • Chairside computers for patient education, as well as being able to watch a DVD of your choice during your visit.
    • DIAGNOdent dental technology in ChicagoDIAGNOdent by KaVo – say goodbye to picks! This device uses a laser to painlessly and precisely identify cavities on the biting surfaces of your back teeth.
    • Digital Photography – allows Dr. Alfe to show you your teeth and smile on the computer screen so together you can evaluate your mouth and discuss solutions. You can also view other happy patients’ “before” and “after” photos. You may see someone whose “before” picture looks a lot like you, and then you can see what Dr. Alfe could do to improve their smile. This gives you a much better idea as to what is really possible, rather than a computer-generated smile image.
    • Digital X-rays – these are faster, more comfortable (no sharp film edges) and safer than conventional x-rays (radiographs). Digital radiography reduces our patients’ radiation exposure by as much as 75%! Since the radiographs are viewed on our computers, you can see the screen-sized radiograph with Dr. Alfe and see exactly what she sees (but only if you want to)!
    • E4D – E4D one visit porcelain crowns and onlays allow Dr. Alfe to create crowns and onlays in one visit. There is no need for dental impressions because we use the E4D CAD-CAM laser computer. Using the in-office milling machine allows us to mill most onlays and crowns in less than half an hour.
    • Intra Oral Camera – we can show you on our computer screen a blown-up image of any area in your mouth. For some, seeing is believing. We don’t expect you just to take our word for it when we are diagnosing and discussing your dental needs. Again, this is available to you ONLY if you want it! For some people, it’s just too scary to look at and we are sensitive to that.
    • Isolite™ – helps isolate the teeth/area Dr. Alfe is working on with greater comfort for you. The Isolite is a soft, rubbery mouthpiece that keeps your tongue, lips and cheeks safe, while suctioning excess water during the visit. There is a built-in bite block that allows you to bite down while still keeping your mouth open enough for Dr. Alfe to work without any muscle or jaw strain for you! And the rubber mouthpiece creates a barrier in the back of your mouth, preventing you from choking from all the excess dental water and keeping you safe from accidentally swallowing anything during your visit.
    • JVA – stands for Joint Vibration Analysis- Dr. Alfe can objectively evaluate and diagnose your TMJ condition using the JVA. Healthy joints should be quiet during function. A simple and painless 1-2 minute test can give Dr. Alfe the information she needs to be able to treat your migraines, headaches or TMJ disorder.JVA dental technology at Chicago Smile Spa
    • Lasers – used during your hygiene (cleaning) visits for decontamination of your gums. They are also used to perform non-surgical gum treatments for those with periodontal disease. Dr. Alfe uses her laser to treat gummy smiles in conjunction with her smile makeovers. And they successfully and painlessly provide immediate relief for canker sores and cold sores.
    • Sterilization Center – ours is state-of-the-art, and in full view of all patients.
    • We use the Lisa autoclave sterilizer which has three Class B (hospital grade) sterilization cycles. This provides the highest standards of sterilization for all types of loads: solid, hollow and porous, which includes all of our handpieces, instruments, and attachments. It uses pressure, steam and a vacuum to sterilize without harsh chemicals and delivers our purified instruments dry to prevent new contamination.
    • All the water that runs through our chairs, handpieces and equipment is first sterilized in our Tuttnauer water purifier and distiller. That means that no bacteria, fungi, viruses or any other contaminants are present in our water supply. Dr. Alfe thinks of your dental treatment like micro-surgery and treats her operating field with the utmost sterility and purity.
    • Tekscan® – this technology provides a computer analysis of your bite and is used after extensive reconstructive work to “fine tune” your bite. If you are suffering from migraines, sore or loose teeth or other pain associated with TMJ Disorder, the Tekscan device can also help Dr. Alfe precisely reshape or restore your bite.
    • Biotens advanced dental technology at Chicago Smile SpaTENS– stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation. Dr. Alfe uses it to help alleviate severe pain in headache, migraine, and TMJ pain patients. Low frequency BioTENS releases serotonin, which contributes to feelings of “well-being.” It also activates serotonin receptors, as well as beta-opioid receptors which decrease pain perception and increase pain tolerance.
    • OralID– shows Dr. Alfe changes in tissue fluorescence which can differentiate between normal and abnormal tissue.  The OralID scan shows tissue changes below the skin surface. It only takes a minute or two for her to perform the exam with no discomfort to you. Visit our oral cancer page to learn more.

To learn more about our cutting edge dental technology by scheduling an appointment or consultation with Dr. Gerilyn Alfe. Dr. Alfe is proud to serve patients throughout the greater Chicagoland area including Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and surrounding Chicago communities.

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