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Real Cosmetic Dentist Reviews from Chicago Area Patients

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Rachel S.
Alexandria, VA

Dr. Alfe is simply the best. She gave me the courage and support I needed to kick my fear of the dentist once and for all. I found Dr. Alfe almost four years ago through her website. During my first visit with Dr. Alfe, she sat with me in her lobby and listened to my fears and concerns as we discussed what would happen during my first visit. From this very first conversation, her personality and professional background and qualifications made me feel immediately at ease and in the hands of a true expert.Over the years, Dr. Alfe continued to treat me with the same care and compassion that I felt during our initial meeting. Over time, I actually looked forward to going to Dr. Alfe’s office. Dr. Alfe and Rima are always up for a good laugh, a good story or a good gripe, so I knew that every visit would be fun.I have since moved out of Chicago, and Dr. Alfe is one of the many things I miss about Chicago. I will definitely fly back to see her if my teeth need anything more than a simple cleaning, as I can’t imagine finding anyone in my new city who can fill her shoes. She is truly one of a kind.

Chicago, IL
Dr. Alfe and her team are incredible! Timely (I have NEVER had to wait), professional and exceptionally knowledgeable about all the procedures they perform as well as the ones they don’t. They sent me to the best Endodontist, Dr. Gabriel Sim, for a root canal that I kept falling asleep during, with no swelling afterwards, as well as an equally incredible Periodontist, Dr, Peter Cabrera. Since Dr. Alfe spends much of her free-time teaching the latest state-of-the-art procedures to other dentists and further educating herself on the latest products, materials, techniques and tools available, she is really at the forefront of her field. I only regret that my husband had to have veneers put on his teeth (they were chipping from excessive grinding) before we met her. Her veneers can be as thin as a CONTACT LENS! I also wish desperately that she would take children because I am so pleased with the corrective procedures I’ve had done that I am really only comfortable with her now. I see a dentist every year, but hadn’t found the right one since we moved to Chicago 5 years ago; in that time I was not ONCE told about my increased gum recession, a necessary root canal (although I had repeatedly complained of pain in a tooth to another dentist), OR an abscess that had formed in the neighboring tooth. My teeth look and feel a lot better now than they ever have; they are whiter, cleaner, straighter and most importantly, healthier. Additionally, Rima and Holly are fantastic assistants who do everything they can to help you and make you as comfortable as possible, including running out and putting more quarters in your meter if needed! They also work seamlessly with Dr. Alfe and do a great job cleaning your teeth. Rima handles all billing and submits your insurance for you, making your visits easy and hassle-free. Finally, the office is absolutely state-of-the-art, clean, comfortable and cheerful! They make me hope I never have to move again. I am so completely pleased with them!!! I’d give them 10 stars if I could. I think they are the single best recommendation I can make in ANY category on Yelp!

Amy M.
Chicago, IL
Dr. Alfe is truly the best dentist that I have ever been to. She is passionate about the field of dentistry, talented, innovative and has a great personality. Her office staff is fantastic as well (which is really important to me) and the office is well-run and organized. I would describe the Chicago Smile Spa experience as very pleasant, educational, respectful, cutting-edge, fun and patient-focused. I have had several different things done and have been pleased with each one of them. I’ve also learned a lot about my teeth and how to meticulously care for them, which has made me very happy. The office environment itself is inviting and you are able to watch TV shows/movies while she works on you, which passes the time nicely! If you are looking for an awesome new dentist in Chicago I would highly recommend this place.

M. M.
Everywhere Branch, MO
If I could give 10 stars, I would!!!Dr. Alfe from Chicago Smile Spa is by far one of the best dentists I have come across. She puts your fear of going to the dentist at ease, you’re made to feel very welcomed, and she has the latest equipment which means a lot to me. It shows that she is on top of the latest techniques, and the place feels and looks like a spa…LOVE IT! You can watch a movie as she treats you, she answers ALL your questions and to top it off…she does GREAT work!
Chicago, IL

So as luck would have it, the week I was planning on scheduling a routine appointment my implant falls out. Words cannot begin to describe the devastation I felt. I wanted to thank you and your staff for taking the time to advise me and calm my fears. I went from having no hope and thinking I would have to hide in my apartment for days to being able to just breathe.

I know there is always a chance of implant failure, but as long as there’s a sliver of hope I can face the world.

It means so much that I can always count on you and your staff. Sometimes in life your smile is all you have and it means the world to me that you’re always there to make sure I can share mine confidently with the world.

I hope you have a wonderful time at the conference. (It made me smile to hear that’s where you were going because I know you’re a total geek like me when it comes to our professions and learning new things although by now you’re teaching them!)

Please feel free to use any part of this email as a public testament to your amazingness.

PS: As soon as it happened I thought, dammit, this is why Dr. Alfe TOLD me to get the mouthguard! Don’t worry, I’m ready for my walk of shame on Monday for not listening to you.

Danielle R.
Manhattan, NY

When I moved to Chicago I was very concerned with finding a dentist I could feel comfortable with. I have TMJ (it’s a jaw/grinding issue) and also wanted to find someone who was familiar with the condition and could make recommendations on how to treat it. I was absolutely thrilled with the service and care I received at Dr. Gerilyn Alfe’s office. This truly is a ‘spa’ environment. As soon as you walk into the clean and modern office you are pampered by everyone you meet.It is a small and intimate setting where you’ll be worked on by Dr. Alfe the entire time. She’s young, incredibly friendly and very sweet. I’ve always felt at ease in her presence and as a doctor who also suffers with TMJ, I knew I could trust her recommendations (if you have it, inquire about the NTI guard)!Dr. Alfe uses only the top-of-the-line equipment and procedures. My general cleaning was done with a laser (no high-pitched tools!), a high tech gum and cavity search, and if you do have to have a cavity filled, you won’t see any mercury-fillings used here. Additionally, they had a headset and a selection of DVDs to watch while I was being worked on so I barely noticed what was happening around me.

Besides all the great, friendly service, they offer you complimentary bottled water and their own chapstick after the cleaning along with the requisite toothbrush (it’s a pretty nice one at that). The only negative is they aren’t associated with any insurance programs so you’ll have to pay up-front and request reimbursement after your sessions. Plus, most insurance companies won’t reimburse in full since Dr. Alfe’s services go “above and beyond” what the insurance company may feel is necessary. Don’t let it stop you, though, Dr. Alfe is amazing and all worth it!

Jen S.
Chicago, IL

I love it that Dr. Alfe’s business is called the Smile Spa, because my experience with her & her hygenist/assistant/right-hand woman, Rima, is so counter to any dentist experience I’ve ever had – it *is* like a spa! It’s kind of crazy!I think the major difference is that Dr. Alfe and Rima act like people, and treat their patients like people. I may be a bit on the anti-dentist side, but there’s a lot to be said for good chair-side manner, and talking with Dr. Alfe and Rima is easy and familiar rather than vaguely creepy and loaded with dread!Of course, niceness alone does not make a good dentist, but they’ve got their bases covered here. First of all, the place is beautiful, not weirdly sterile and scary. They only ever see up to two patients at once, and Dr. Alfe and Rima are the only people who work on your teeth, so there are never more than 4 people in the establishment at once – kinda nice! I’ve been there twice for two-hour visits each, and no other patients were there either time until I left. Strange to feel like a priority rather than just one more set of chops!

And, of course, they know what they’re doing. They’re on top of all the latest, safest, smartest techniques, like the other reviews and Dr. Alfe’s website will attest to – and it makes a major difference! No picky things and sharp objects! No assaults by an anonymous, floss-happy assistant! Plus, like any good doctor, they take the time beforehand to let you know EXACTLY what they’re doing, and they take extra care to make sure you have no surprises. What it does, essentially, is eliminate nervousness… because there’s no need to worry. You can tell they have experience with jumpy patients – that, and people with pain issues.

What Dr. Alfe told me is that her practice has 3 main areas of focus: basic dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and dentistry for patients with pain. For example, if you have jaw-clenching issues or sensitive teeth – or both! woohoo! – any dentist appointment can be very painful. Dr. Alfe is able to avoid causing further pain because she understands what’s going on in there, and she’s got these tools like isolates that help save your jaw when she’s doing extended work.

I’m going on and on – they also have dvds to watch. They really DO give painless Novocaine shots – unbelievable. Dr. Alfe can quote most quality films at length (Princess Bride, anyone?), and they’re not immune to the humor of C&C Music Factory coming on while Dr. Alfe reads her thought for the day before starting.

To boot, they’ve got helpful financial services, they took the easiest set of impressions of my teeth EVER, and I actually sort of look forward to my next visits. It’s like, YES, I want my teeth to look and feel better! Suddenly I attribute THAT to a dental visit rather than pain! Horror! Stop telling me to floss better!

Cathy P.
Chicago, IL

I first visited Dr. Alfe because my TMD (jaw clenching) had become so bad that I couldn’t open my mouth more than an inch, and I had heard she was up on the latest treatment. I will admit that when I walked into her office, I was a little skeptical. It was very modern and professional, and her concierge, Michael, made me feel right at home.So why the skepticism? All the pictures of people with perfect teeth. I thought for sure Dr. Alfe was going to suggest Invisalign® and veneers as the only solution to all my dental ailments. Know what? She didn’t. The only thing we focused on was my TMD and how to fix my jaw. I am so impressed at how Dr. Alfe not only keeps up with the latest dental information, but also uses the most up-to-date equipment you will see in a dental office. During my visits over the course of the last few months, I have never seen anyone but Dr. Alfe for treatment. It has been slow going, but each time I have gone back, there has been significant progress. She is also open to holistic treatment options.Dr. Alfe was actually my second choice for a TMD dentist — I visited her for a second opinion, and I am so glad I did! Not only do I feel I am getting the most advanced care possible, but her treatment cost $550 less than the first dentist quoted me. The first dentist also told me that I would have to wear a retainer, a day guard, and a night guard for the rest of my life. Dr. Alfe fitted me for just one night guard, and so far it has worked wonders. FYI Dr. Alfe does not accept insurance, but you can just file a claim with your insurance company on your own and be reimbursed.

I would recommend Dr. Alfe with confidence to anyone. She and her staff are friendly and professional and will put you at ease right away. Dr. Alfe invests a lot in her practice, and, more importantly, in her patients.

Lauren S.
San Diego, CA
Dr. Alfe and her staff are the best dentist experience I’ve ever had. They are very experienced, professional, and fun to visit. The techniques used are on the front edge of technology and healthcare. I actually look forward to getting my teeth check-ups.
Nicole, M.
Chicago, IL

Dr. Alfe and staff are amazing!Everytime I come for a visit, I am put at ease by the entire staff. The overall experience is incredible–especially for a dentist!I came to the Smile Spa because Dr. Alfe has a great reputation for treating patients with TMJ. Having lived with the condition for most of my life it was a fantastic first to have a dentist who really understands the discomfort and the difficulties associated with it.

Dr. Alfe and staff are very educated–sharp and helpful. I never doubt anything I’m told–I know I can trust each of them.

Once you start at this office, you’ll feel so good about going to the dentist! You’ll never see an ordinary dentist again!

Former Smile Spa employee
Dr. Alfe,
I know, you’re thinking and she is writing to me why????I haven’t been in a dentist office except for twice a year cleanings since we departed. I am a Hematology/Oncology Coordinator and have had this position since leaving.But today I had to have some work done and while periodically I think of you and wonder how you are doing today was just so bizarre Dr Alfe. While he has been my dentist for many many years today was the first time I had him do a composite on me. I swear as he was doing it I’m thinking ummm, no that’s not how Dr Alfe would have done it and ummm, no you did NOT hold that light on long enough and for the love of God where is my bottled water and advil and by the way ya shouldn’t have to ask for your assistant to do this or that she should have it ready! So not making this up. It took him twice the time it would have you to insert the expander and I sort of coached him through with the wedge, no lie. I’m thinking, girl ya haven’t seen a tooth in almost five years ya deal with cancer!! I’m telling you as they were working I’m thinking oh no way you guys are doing this even CLOSE to how Dr Alfe and I did this!So, as the novacaine wears off and yeah lord knows I am feeling it, also something our patients never claimed, I just wanted to take a minute and write. I wanted to tell you that all you taught me was done masterfully because I was amazed at what came back to me today. And I wanted to tell you what a credit you are to your profession. I don’t think I told you any of that when I left. Your insight in creating your facility, all the touches that make a patient feel pampered and the care and expertise with which you hone your craft are well worth recognizing.I love what I do and the care I am able to give my patients and I wanted you to know that to this day I use the things you taught me, word choices, don’t use “however” respond by saying “what questions do you have for me” etc etc. I deal with very sensitive and scary scenarios every day with my patients and after having a little playdate with you today while in the chair I really wanted to let you know all you did for me.
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