PerioProtect Gum Disease Treatment Chicago

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PerioProtect® is a revolutionary, non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for gum disease. Dr. Alfe and her Chicago Smile Spa team are excited about the results her patients have seen using the PerioProtect® system. The PerioProtect® system PerioProtect gum disease treatment Chicagoinvolves specialized trays along with prescription strength hydrogen peroxide and, in severe cases, an antibiotic that’s applied topically. In just a few weeks, this combination treatment greatly reduces gum pocket depth, helps decrease root sensitivity, makes your teeth whiter, your breath fresher and can even reverse tooth mobility and often prevent tooth loss if treated in time.

PerioProtect® trays are created based on impressions we take of your teeth and gums. Prescription strength hydrogen peroxide is placed in the trays, which are then worn briefly (10 minute intervals) each day. For more severe infections, an additional antibiotic may be prescribed as well.  PerioProtect® trays hold the medication in place, eradicating the millions of bacteria that reproduce between your dental visits. When combined with Dr. Alfe’s other non-surgical therapies, PerioProtect® produces dramatic results.

If you’ve had treatment for gum disease in the past, you know that you need frequent visits with the hygienist. The hygienist removes plaque, tartar, bacteria and its protective biofilm from below the gum line and sometimes will place a medication under your gums to battle the infection. The problem is that saliva washes away the medication, which makes it less effective. If you are rinsing with over-the-counter hydrogen peroxide already, that’s great, but it is not getting to the base of the periodontal pocket, nor is it concentrated enough or targeted enough to really destroy the bacteria that live deep below the gum line. The bad news is that these bacteria that live in your mouth are constantly, 24 hours a day, creating the toxins that cause gum disease. The good news is that they hate oxygen and we use that to your advantage.

Patients who have been using the PerioProtect® system have remarked that their mouth feels cleaner and fresher and that their dental visits are easier and more comfortable. Since tartar buildup is greatly reduced with the regular use of the PerioProtect® system, their hygiene visits involve much less scraping, bleeding and discomfort. Often our patients require fewer periodontal treatment visits as there is much less tartar, biofilm and bacteria that needs to be removed. Being able to use PerioProtect® in the comfort of your own home makes your treatment easy, convenient and less expensive in the long run.

If you’ve been told you require scaling and root planing, gum surgery, or multiple hygiene visits and you’d like another option, call or email Chicago Smile Spa today for a cosmetic consultation to see if the PerioProtect® system may be right for you.  Dr. Alfe is proud to serve patients throughout the greater Chicagoland area including Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and surrounding Chicago communities.

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