Porcelain Crowns and Onlays

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If you’ve had a porcelain-metal crown placed in the past, you may be unhappy with the unsightly black line at your gum line or you may be concerned about the type of metal that was used in the fabrication.  In other cases, you may have had large mercury fillings start to crack and/or break your teeth, and you’re looking for a strong and aesthetic solution to protect your teeth.  At Chicago Smile Spa, our Chicago area dentist offers All Porcelain Crowns and Onlays for your dental and aesthetic needs.

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We use some of the best labs in the United States who specialize in fabricating natural, strong and beautiful porcelain crowns and onlays.  Our labs use many different materials, working with Dr. Alfe to determine the best choice for your particular situation.  Some of the porcelains that Dr. Alfe has been using for many years include Empress, eMax, and Zirconium.  When prepared and bonded correctly, these crowns and onlays last as long as porcelain-metal crowns, but look, feel and function much more like natural teeth.

Patients Who May Benefit from Porcelain Crowns & Onlays

If you have old mercury fillings in your back teeth, sometimes porcelain onlays are a better option for you.  When Dr. Alfe prepares these restorations, she can save a good amount of your tooth structure.  This is so important when the onlay inevitably needs to be replaced years down the road, as having more tooth structure intact is obviously much better for you!  Once the onlay is bonded in, it reinforces the tooth as well as a porcelain crown.  We use the same types of high quality porcelain regardless of whether a crown or onlay is indicated.

You may be a great candidate for a porcelain crown if you:

  • Have old porcelain-metal crowns and dislike their appearance
  • Have old porcelain-metal crowns and are worried about what type of metal was used
  • Notice gum sensitivity, recession or bleeding around old porcelain-metal crowns
  • Want the most conservative treatment for your teeth
  • Have a metal allergy that causes inflammation around existing porcelain-metal crowns

Call or email Chicago Smile Spa today for more information about this amazing technology. Let us know if you’d like to come in for an examination to see if porcelain crowns and onlays are a possibility for you.  Serving patients throughout the greater Chicagoland area including Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and surrounding Chicago communities.

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