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When deciding to enter orthodontic treatment an inevitable question from patients is “how long will it take?”  Many adult patients remember their adolescent treatment taking two years or more. The thought of spending several years in braces or clear aligners often becomes the biggest deterrent to getting orthodontic treatment, particularly for busy professionals, even if the result is the ideal smile they want and deserve.  Propel, an innovative treatment approach that can significantly shorten treatment times, is now being offered by Dr Alfe at Chicago Smile Spa.

How Does Propel Work?

While Propel is leading edge technology, the science behind it is not new.  Propel accelerates orthodontic results and reduces the amount of time patients are in braces or clear aligners by working with the body’s own natural biology to stimulate the bone surrounding the teeth, helping the teeth to move faster. While every case varies, research at the New York University College of Dentistry, where the procedure was developed, showed decreases in treatment time of more than 50% are possible.

The Propel Procedure

The simple 3-step in-office treatment is performed during a patient’s regularly scheduled appointment in minutes by Dr. Alfe. The treatment yields virtually no discomfort to the patient and requires no recovery time so normal daily activities can be resumed immediately. Results from patients who have already received Propel have been exceptional in a range of cases including spacing, crowding, open bite, cross bite, and more.

Ask about Fast Tracking Treatment with Propel

Dr. Alfe is excited about offering Propel at her Chicago Smile Spa.  There is a small additional charge for Propel treatment and patients find the benefit of finishing their treatment faster is well worth it!  Whether you are looking to prepare for a special event like a wedding day , upcoming graduation, starting a new job or just simply want to finish treatment sooner, Propel will help give you that beautiful smile in a much shorter time period. Contact our office today to ask about this accelerated treatment.

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