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Misaligned teeth and a “bad bite” are usually corrected during adolescence or young adulthood through the use of metal braces. However, if your teeth or bite has never been aligned, or you need additional adjustments, Chicago cosmetic dentist Dr. Gerilyn Alfe might be able to offer quick, conservative correction with the Six Month Smiles system.

Six Month Smiles subtly straightens teeth and aligns the bite within a brief period of time. To find out if this adult orthodontic treatment is right for you, please call Chicago Smile Spa today at 773-348-2704 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Alfe.

What Is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles uses the same approach to orthodontic correction as the braces you might have had as a kid. However, where traditional braces rely on unsightly metal brackets and wires to bring teeth and the bite into proper alignment, Six Month Smiles uses tooth-colored wires and clear brackets to achieve the same purpose.

Conditions Six Month Smiles can correct include:final-profile-13

  • Crooked teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Teeth separated by unattractive gaps
  • Misalignment between the upper and lower rows of teeth

In addition to using a similar apparatus, Six Month Smiles operates similarly to regular braces. However, while the force exerted by braces can cause discomfort in your mouth, Six Month Smiles uses low pressure along a specially designed wire arch to straighten your teeth and bite gradually.

Is Six Month Smiles Right for Me?

Many adults feel that crooked or uneven teeth can be a detriment to their sophisticated image, but most are also

reluctant to wear braces to correct these issues. Six Month Smiles uses virtually undetectable components to achieve orthodontic correction, making it an ideal treatment option for self-conscious patients.

Unlike some other adult orthodontics options, Six Month Smiles doesn’t rely on removable aligner trays to bring the teeth and bite into the preferred position. While aligners you take out before eating or activity can be convenient, some patients have difficulty complying with the instructions for treatment like Invisalign®.

In addition to the cosmetic and functional benefits, some of the other advantages of Six Month Smiles include:

  • Successful alignment of the teeth and bite can occur in six months, sometimes less (as opposed to the 18 to 24 months necessary with regular braces)Miranda Six Month Smiles
  • Fewer office visits (approximately one every 30 days)
  • Convenience, especially for people with active social and/or professional lives, or those preparing for big events

Ask About Our Propel Procedure

If you believe Six Month Smiles is the right procedure for you, ask Dr. Alfe about Chicago Smile Spa’s Propel technology. Propel quickens the orthodontic process and decreases the time patients need to wear braces or Invisalign. The gentle, 3-step in-office procedure involves stimulating bone growth which helps your teeth move quickly into their desired position. Many patients love the Propel technology due to no recovery time needed, and it works well in conjunction with Six Month Smiles.

Dr. Alfe and Six Month Smiles

Dr. Alfe is proud to be a Recognized Provider of Six Month Smiles. In addition to her extensive experience providing this treatment, she was also one of their clinical instructors of the system worldwide from 2012-2015.

Though Dr. Alfe commonly recommends Six Month Smiles as a way for self-conscious patients to straighten teeth and correct their bites, each patient is different. To find out if you’re a candidate for Six Month Smiles, please contact Chicago Smile Spa or call 773-348-2704 today to schedule an appointment. Dr. Alfe serves patients in Lincoln Park, Lakeview, and other areas of Chicago. Don’t forget to check out our Smile Gallery for real patient results!


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