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TekScan technology

TekScan® technology at Chicago Smile Spa provides a computer analysis of your bite.  It is used after extensive reconstructive work to “fine tune” your bite, if you are suffering from migraines, or other pain associated with TMD Disorder, as well as after orthodontic treatment or implant placement and to treat sore or periodontally involved teeth.  The TekScan® tells Dr. Alfe if and how she needs to adjust, reshape or restore your bite.

For years, dental occlusion (bite) had been largely a matter of guesswork for dentists. Articulation paper (that carbon paper the dentist uses at the end of a filling or crown visit to see how your bite looks) and other tools used to be the only way to assess and adjust bite marks. The problem is that articulation paper doesn’t tell Dr. Alfe the timing or force of each spot, nor if some teeth are hitting before other teeth. You’ve probably had that feeling at the end of a dental visit where your new filling or crown feels “high”. It may not be that the bite is “high” on that tooth. It may be that it’s the first tooth that hits and therefore, all the force of the bite is concentrated in that one spot, making it more noticeable to you.

This first point of contact, taking all the force of the bite, needs to be evenly distributed and broadly spread out. Picture a 120 pound woman stepping on your foot with a sneaker. Not so bad. Now picture that same 120 pound woman stepping on your foot with a stiletto heel. Ow! Taking the same force and the same weight distributed over a much smaller area causes the impact to be much worse.

When you bite on the TekScan® ultra-thin sensor, it gives information to the computer about the timing, force, strength and duration of your tooth contacts. Dr. Alfe can immediately evaluate the different graphs to see where adjustments need to be done.

This is especially important when Dr. Alfe is seating porcelain veneers, completing a full mouth rehabilitation, seating an implant crown, treating migraine and TMJ pain patients or treating patients with sore teeth or periodontally involved teeth. She wants to ensure that the bite forces are distributed evenly over the back teeth first, and evenly from right to left. She also wants to ensure that the back teeth are hitting just a milli-second before the front teeth, thereby taking the brunt of the bite forces.

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