TENS Treatment for TMJ & Migraine Headaches in Chicago

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TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation.  By delivering small low-frequency electrical impulses to the muscles responsible for jaw movement, the TENS unit relaxes jaw muscles. This results in increased blood flow to flush toxins from the area. In just about 45 minutes, the relaxed jaw muscles find ideal positioning.

Our TMJ dentist in Chicago uses the BioTENS unit to help alleviate severe TMJ pain in headache and migraine patients. The low frequency BioTENS unit releases serotonin which contributes to feelings of “well-being” and activates serotonin receptors as well as beta-opioid receptors which decrease pain perception and increase pain tolerance.

Dr. Alfe uses the BioTENS unit not only to help her patients feel better, but also to help the chewing muscles relax when she is taking a bite impression for restorative procedures.  Some patients who have had a bad bite for many years have adapted to that and their muscles may be strained and not functioning well.  When Dr. Alfe is performing a smile makeover, she wants to build the new bite so that the muscles are “happy” and well-balanced.  The BioTENS unit allows the muscles to relax and guide Dr. Alfe to where she should restore her patient.

TENS Treatment for TMJ in Chicago

Having treated seriously debilitated pain patients for years, Dr. Alfe knows how badly chronic pain can impact your quality of life. If you think the BioTENS treatment could help you, contact our TMJ dentist at Chicago Smile Spa for a cosmetic consultation. Dr. Alfe can review her diagnostic and treatment choices with you and find a solution that will allow you to resume a normal, healthy, and pain-free life!

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